Ambiente Hotel LA CASA Tübingen - Wellness - Beauty Care

Beauty Care

Reservation required. Opening hours: 12am - 8.30pm

Natural beauty with lively cosmetic care
Only natural products from "Ambient" (Eidenberg - Austria) are used for our beauty treatment. Their full range of products is 100 percent natural and certified organic.
Enjoy one of the following treatments by our gentle and caring therapist Beate Reichert:

Anti-Stress treatment (60 - 75 min)                       98 Euro
Cosmetic shiatsu treatment for face, head, neck and shoulders with a deeply relaxing and regenerating effect. Warm aroma compresses, ampules-cleansing with ambient elexiers, cosmetic shiatsu treatment, and a naturally nourishing facial rejuvenation oil at the end. This treatment-package is ideal for business travelers and everybody who is looking for deep relaxation.

Cleansing treatment (60 - 75 min)                          87 Euro
Deep cleansing, skin analysis, and individual consultation. Shoulder and neck relaxation, warm aroma compresses, ampules-cleansing with ambient elexiers, peeling massage with a mild herbal peeling under aroma steam, cleansing, ampules-essence, relaxing aroma massage. Alternating: active mask

Beauty Care on the ambient-basis causes pleasant relaxation, has a deep cleansing effect, and provides a sensual aroma experience.


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